Meet the Team


Keelia Fitzpatrick - Young Workers Centre Coordinator

Keelia is an Aries and therefore likes being in charge.  She has a penchant for debt, maintained by collecting university degrees and travelling the world as much as possible. She splits her time between listening to Taylor Swift and reading Simone De Beauvoir. 


Carita Kazakoff - Young Workers Centre Solicitor

Carita joins the Young Workers Centre from Slater & Gordon’s Industrial and Employment law team, where she acted for many unions and employees. Although Carita is the token old person at the YWC, she is passionate about helping empower young people to fight for their rights at work and about ending exploitation of young and vulnerable workers in the community.

In her spare time, Carita enjoys yoga, sewing, knitting and listening to podcasts [grandma alert]!



Sarah Bright - Research and Projects

Sarah is a classic ESFJ, so she has strong opinions on right and wrong.  For instance, she gets fired up about carbohydrates (they make her happy) and sweatshops (they make her mad).  When she’s not working on projects and research for the Young Workers Centre, she splits her time between studying statistics, sewing and shoemaking, and talking to her garden.


Rose Steele - Campaigns Organiser

Rose is a 24 year old uni student studying art History and Gender studies. Rose loves working for a fair wage and spending her spare time with mates. Rose is one of youth organisers and will be running Union Summer, Young Workers Conference and lots more to get your teeth stuck in to!


Nadia Montague - Campaigns Organiser

Nadia is our youth campaign organiser. She has worked in Unions and for campaigning orgs like GetUp and ACF. She is from Queensland and says weird stuff like "why is the sun still out?", "can I get arrested doing this?" (She was just drinking coffee in a park) And once mistook a sparrow for a cane toad. Great organiser. Developing Melbournian. 



Clare Boland - Outreach Organiser

Claire is a 24 year old campaign organiser who has previously worked at progressive organisation GetUp, and in the freezer section at Coles (which was not fun at all.) She is passionate about workers’ rights, feminism, the environment, and peperoni pizza. She thinks that Mulan is the most badass Disney princess and Elsa is totally over-rated.   


Dylan Goldsworthy - Outreach Organiser

Dylan began as a young workers' advocate at the Young Workers' Centre, and fell head of heels for trade unionism. From being an LGBTI Organiser at the 2016 Federal election to participating in Union Summer, Dylan is passionate about working towards a better future.  Dylan spends his time watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading about queer theory and romance, and listening to Rihanna. 


 Edie Shepherd - Outreach Organiser

Edie is a picture perfect millennial; she loves a good cup of coffee, cat videos and social change. When she’s not studying or working for a fair go for young people, you’ll find Edie playing video games, debating pop culture with strangers on the internet and busting a move to Beyoncé.


Amy Fitzgerald - Communication Organiser

 Amy is a 24 year old writer who comes to the Young Workers Centre after a long and illustrious stint in retail. She's probably the only Melbourne Football Club supporting unionist you'll ever meet. She handles all the Young Workers Centres' digital and communications work - from scouring the web for young workers in need of some solid advice to creating and maintaining the Young Workers Centre's online presences. 


Laura Blandthorn - Advocates Team Leader

Laura left a career as a Primary school teacher to become a lawyer, she’s half way there.  When Laura is not in the library she spends her time in cafes eating smashed avo and looking out for signs of worker exploitation.

Laura is a passionate feminist and really enjoys shouting at rallies.  Laura is an advocate team leader at the Young Workers Centre.

We Volunteers

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