Meet the Team




Campaigns Organiser: Dylan Goldsworthy

Dylan began as a young workers' advocate at the Young Workers' Centre, and fell head of heels for trade unionism. From being an LGBTI Organiser at the 2016 Federal election to participating in Union Summer, Dylan is passionate about working towards a better future.  Dylan spends his time watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading about queer theory and romance, and listening to Rihanna. 



Senior Gig Economy Organiser: Rose Steele

Rose is an organiser with gig workers in Victoria.

Gig workers are food delivery riders, rideshare workers and workers who are paid for their work per job or task or assigned work through an app. Rose has worked as a campaigns organiser with the Young Workers Centre and on the campaign for Marriage Equality. Rose is passionate about challenging power imbalances for workers and building workers’ power. She is many things but she is definitely a Virgo, enjoys swimming and dabbles in angel cards.





Outreach Organiser: Tom Robertson

Tom is a 6th year law student who might one day finish his degree, and joins us after working as an Organiser at United Voice. Tom is passionate about educating young people about their workplace rights and building collective power in the workplace.

Tom is a huge nerd and enjoys all things Star Wars, politics and board games (if you can combine all three let him know)

Outreach Organiser: Phoebe Kelly

Phoebe is a Queenslander who has migrated south for the better coffee and lifestyle, albeit at the cost of sunshine and warm weather. With a background in youth climate activism, she is passionate about helping young people realise their power. In her spare time Phoebe explores Melbourne and worries about watching too much reality TV.



Outreach Organiser: Danielle Croci

Danielle is a recent Arts (Honours) graduate who wrote her thesis on women playing footy in the early 20th century. Yeah, they actually did that. She came to trade unionism through the Union Summer internship in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s also passionate about women’s rights and the benefits of public libraries.



Outreach Organiser: Patrick Faulkner

Patrick comes to the Young Workers Centre from a long history in hospo and retail. Patrick is passionate about fighting for workers rights and standing up to bad bosses. When he is not talking to young people about their rights, he is usually found riding his motorbike through the country side or screaming at this beloved Geelong Cats.

Gig Economy Organiser: TBA

Gig Economy Organiser: TBA




Principal Solicitor: Oanh Tran

Oanh grew up in a home sweatshop, where she and her siblings helped their parents sew thousands upon thousands of t-shirts.  As a result, she devoted her life to working in and with unions, advocating for workers’ rights and fighting to end worker exploitation.  Strangely enough, sewing is one of her hobbies.  She also likes to read, ride her bike and marvel at birds.

Oanh’s name is pronounced “wun”, and sounds much like the number one.



Research & Projects Officer: Sarah Bright

Sarah is a classic ESFJ, so she has strong opinions on right and wrong.  For instance, she gets fired up about carbohydrates (they make her happy) and sweatshops (they make her mad).  When she’s not working on projects and research for the Young Workers Centre, she splits her time between studying statistics, sewing and shoemaking, and talking to her garden.


Legal Placement Coordinator: Leon Harper

Leon started at Young Workers Centre as an advocate during his Law degree and hasn’t looked back. He is passionate about making Victoria a better place for the next generation of young workers. Leon spends his free time writing, drinking coffee, and making spreadsheets for everything.



Advocate Team Leader: April Zahra

April is a fifth year law student who joined the Young Workers Centre as an Advocate Team Leader after completing a placement at the Centre as part of her degree.

April enjoys travelling, reading, board games, and wine (sometimes separately, sometimes all at once!) and heading to the beach. She's passionate about helping young people stand up for themselves and fighting dodgy employers.

Advocate Team Leader: TBA






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