Meet the Team

Director: Felicity Sowerbutts

Felicity started work in the Australian trade union movement after studying Politics in the UK and working and volunteering for MPs and campaign organisations.

Before joining the Young Workers Centre, Felicity led the Campaigns Team at Victorian Trades Hall through more elections than she can count.

In her spare time you can find her walking her dog on the beach, going for long runs (yes, she’s run a marathon) and watching Geelong win.

Outreach Organiser: James Lea

James began his union journey after reaching out to the Young Workers Centre for help while working in hospitality and is passionate about the role young people have in ending wage theft.

Since then he has participated in Union Summer 2018, volunteered with Hospo Voice and campaigned during the state and federal elections. James loves a good dinner party, plays Dungeons & Dragons every week and starts hobby projects faster than he can finish them.

Outreach Organiser: Shauna Stanley

Shauna joined her first union, Mandate Trade Union aged 18 and has been committed to the power of collective action ever since. Before joining the Young Workers Centre, Shauna worked on Victorian Trades Hall’s state and federal election campaigns. She is passionate about reproductive rights, and coordinated Australian solidarity actions during Ireland’s campaign to Repeal the 8th.

In her spare time you can find her on the dance floor trying out the latest moves she’s learnt at some jazzercise class, or hiking volcanoes, both active and dormant – geology nerd alert!



Outreach Organiser: Danielle Croci

Danielle is a recent Arts (Honours) graduate who wrote her thesis on women playing footy in the early 20th century. Yeah, they actually did that. She came to trade unionism through the Union Summer internship in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She’s also passionate about women’s rights and the benefits of public libraries.



Outreach Organiser: Patrick Faulkner

Patrick comes to the Young Workers Centre from a long history in hospo and retail. Patrick is passionate about fighting for workers rights and standing up to bad bosses. When he is not talking to young people about their rights, he is usually found riding his motorbike through the country side or screaming at this beloved Geelong Cats.

Gig Economy Organiser: Alan Macgill

 Alan's experiences working as a bicycle courier led to his roles as a union delegate and community organiser, and turned out to be great preparation for organising in the gig economy.

He’s a great believer in workers’ power to effect change and support each other through community and collective action.

He enjoys tinkering with his bike and encouraging his daughter’s loud and destructive behaviour. He will come to regret this.





Principal Solicitor: Oanh Tran

Oanh grew up in a home sweatshop, where she and her siblings helped their parents sew thousands upon thousands of t-shirts.  As a result, she devoted her life to working in and with unions, advocating for workers’ rights and fighting to end worker exploitation.  Strangely enough, sewing is one of her hobbies.  She also likes to read, ride her bike and marvel at birds.

Oanh’s name is pronounced “wun”, and sounds much like the number one.


Solicitor: Amanda Swayn

Amanda started with the Young Workers Centre in September 2019. Her many years as an Industrial Officer for a large trade union equip her with the right skills to assist young workers that have been underpaid, unfairly dismissed or mistreated at work. She is extremely proud of her Richmond Tigers loving family, and especially loves discussing ridiculous news items with her Dad. When she is not advocating for workers, Amanda enjoys travelling and trying to keep indoor plants alive.


Advocate Team Leader: Olivia Pusey

Olivia started at the Young Workers Centre as an advocate in 2018, and then interned at the Community and Public Sector Union (PSU) as a part of Union Summer 2019.  Her favourite part of the job is supporting volunteer advocates to become champions for young workers. She is currently finishing off her law degree and spends her weekends watching Veronica Mars, doing yoga and attempting to revive her herb garden.


Legal Placement Coordinator: Leon Harper

Leon started at Young Workers Centre as an advocate during his Law degree and hasn’t looked back. He is passionate about making Victoria a better place for the next generation of young workers. Leon spends his free time writing, drinking coffee, and making spreadsheets for everything.





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