WOW Summit '19: the future of work

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What is the World of Work Summit?

World of Work is a one-day youth leadership summit where students explore how to make change. This year, students will think critically about the changing nature of work; how growing concern over economic, social and climate injustice will affect what it means to ‘work’. Students will hear from young activists from different social justice movements about the ways in which students and young people are tackling inequality through collective action.

Students will learn from our educators, organisers and lawyers about how campaigns and collective action have been used to change our society throughout history. They will learn and develop new leadership skills, form a better understanding of their rights, and discover how they can shape their own futures.

Due to popular demand, we have opened another day for classes on Tuesday August 6! Please note, this will be the same as Thursday's session and students only need to attend one day.

For whole classes, or individual students.

Tuesday August 6 2019
Thursday August 8 2019 (BOOKED OUT)

Time: 8.30am - 3pm

Location: Victorian Trades Hall Council, 54 Victoria St, Carlton 

Any questions contact Dan on 9659 3588, or email youth@vthc.org.au.

Registrations close July 8.



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