WOW Summit '19: the future of work


WOW! is an annual peer-to-peer one day summit that engages students to think about their place in the World of Work. This year’s summit will focus on the future of work. It will be a transformational day of learning and exploring how young people can respond to the changing world of work, such as the effects of climate change and the rise of insecure employment. Students will focus on social justice activism – learning about campaign planning, developing new skills and forming a better understanding of their rights and power to create change.

Date:  Thursday August 8 2019

Location: Victorian Trades Hall Council, 54 Victoria St, Carlton 

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WOW! is open to students from Years 9 to 12 from high schools across Victoria. Schools may register whole classes or social justice/community service clubs. WOW! is highly relevant to geography, humanities, politics, environmental science and legal studies classes as well as any students with an interest in law, politics or social justice.


The world of work is always changing, WOW! offers students the opportunity to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing young people in the workforce today. WOW! will bring schools and students together to interact, share ideas and help get students thinking about their place in the world of work and how they can make it a better place.


Wow! Summit fulfils a range of criteria across the Victorian Curriculum.

Years 9 - 10:
- Ethical Capability : VCECU019, VCECU020, VCECD022, VCECD023
- Personal and Social Capability: VCPSCSO050

- Humanities for Civics and Citizenship Learning Area: VCCCC035, VCCCC038, VCCCC036
- Economics and Business Learning Area: VCEBW026, VCEBW025
- History Learning Area: VCHHK131, VCHHK132, VCHHK135, VCHHK159

The program also appeals to a range of VCAL and VCE subjects.


Each participating school is offered mentoring by Young Workers Centres Organisers. The organiser will be available until the end of term 4 to support students to develop skills and lead change in schools and communities. Students are also connected to the Young Workers Network, who come together to share ideas, troubleshoot challenges and run regular events and meetings.


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