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'We always had to chase': Pressed Juices staff owed wages as stores closeThe Sydney Morning Herald, 7 March 2019


Focus interviewed Oanh Tran about Wage Theft, ABC Radio Sydney, 12 February 2019 (Audio expired)




Young Workers Say they Feel unsafe working alone at franchise stores, Here’s Why, 15 November 2018, Junkee

Young Workers Say Pressed Juices Owes Them Thousands In Unpaid Wages And Superannuation, 12 November 2018, Junkee


Melanie says she earned $2 an hour and every step was tracked on an app, 7 October, Sydney Morning Herald 

Nice work if you can get it, October 2018, Frankie Magazine (Issue 86)

McDonald's accused of exploiting young workers with 'learn and churn' practice on ABC Drive with Raf, 8 October


These young workers say they’re owed thousands in unpaid wages from a Melbourne store, 1 August 2018, Junkee

Melbourne's Barry cafe settles wrongful termination claim with underpaid worker , 29 August 2018, ABC News 

Barry Cafe Has Finally Apologised To The Worker Who Called Them Out For Wage Theft, 29 August 2018, Junkee


George Calombaris’ Hellenic Republic restaurant hit by underpayment claims, 13 July 2018, ABC News (ABC News Vic TV Bulletin)


Owed $20K: Fair Work Ombusdman failing underpaid workers victims say, 27 June 2018, Triple J Hack

The Owner Of Melbourne's "Best Cocktail Bar" Told A Future Employee That Penalty Rates Don't Exist In Victoria, 4 June 2018, Buzzfeed


Unemployed, underemployed, or underpaid: The reality for young workers, ABC News: 7:30

Youth worker Keelia Fitzpatrick’s top tips for young people starting their first job, ABC News: 7:30

The Owner of Melbourne’s ‘Burger Buzz’ Was Just Fined $300,000 For Exploiting Young Workers, Junkee

Burch and Purchese staff claim they were underpaid, intimidated by celebrity chef, ABC News

Melbourne’s Barry café accused of underpaying staff, ABC News

Young and underpaid: Your definitive guide to getting the money your boss owes you, ABC News

Labor promises to jail bosses over wage theft, The Sydney Morning Herald


Workers burnt by Melbourne first aid company underpayments, The Age

Workers At A Popular Melbourne Café Say They Were Fired After Asking For Legal Pay, Junkee

Melbourne café owner threatens to sue staff, who claimed they were underpaid, for ‘harassment’, ABC News

Employees stuck in 'outdated', 'zombie' contracts of Workchoices era, ABC The Signal

Working dead - the contracts that refuse to die, ABC The Signal (podcast)

Wage Theft, ABC Radio Drive (radio broadcast, 1hr 16 minute mark)

Push to jail employers for up to 10 years for 'wage theft', The Age


The Doughnut Time Scandal is Ever Bigger Than We Thought, Junkee

Superannuation Rip-Offs, Hack (radio broadcast, 16 minute mark)



Bartenders claim they were paid less than the cocktails they serve, The Age

Have you ever been treated unfairly at work? Allegations of unfair dismissal, Hack (radio broadcast, 22 minute mark)


Young workers at this Melbourne burger joint are protesting against underpayment, Junkee


Airtasker, Deliveroo slammed for 'exploitation' of workers in Senate reports, Huffington Post

"Does this guy owe you money?" Union launches campaign offering free legal advice to workers owed money by George Calombaris - as the Masterchef judge faces assault charges in court, Daily Mail Australia

George Calombaris' restaurant group moves forward payment of unpaid wages in face of criticism, Broadsheet Melbourne

Senate inquiry takes aim at Airtasker and Deliveroo for 'short-changing' workers, safety concerns, News.com.au

A hipster Melbourne coffee chain has forked out $50k in unpaid wages and super for young workers, Buzzfeed

This guy says he is owed money after working for the Government's $4-per-hour internship program, Buzzfeed

A coffee chain has been suspended from the Government's internship program after exploiting young people, Buzzfeed

The Government is double checking employers aren't exploiting young people, Buzzfeed

Youth internship allegations 'unsurprising': Shorten, The Australian


Former UniLodge caretakers claim $700,000 in unpaid wages, Sydney Morning Herald


One in five young workers are getting paid below the minimum wage, Junkee


Penalty rate cut an attack on young workers, Green Left Weekly


Honey Birdette former staff in new campaign over alleged harassment, exploitation, Sydney Morning Herald

Calls to boycott Honey Birdette lingerie over harassment claims, News.com.au

Baker's Delight caves to pressure and scraps 'unfair' agreement, The Age

Paying to work: Australian start up offers 'learning platform of the future', Hack


Thousands stuck on Workchoices deals: Analysis, The Age




Grill'd on the Griller, A Current Affair 

Former Honey Birdette workers call out alleged exploitation and harassment, The Age

Staff at famous lingerie store are protesting after sexual harassment and exploitation, Cosmopolitan

Honey Birdette under fire amid staff claims of inappropriate work conditions and sexual harassment, Smart Company


Sexual harassment an 'everyday occurence' for Australia's young workers, The Age

Are young people too scared to speak up about workplace safety? Triple J


Delivery services Foodora and Deliveroo face claims of exploitation, underpayment, The Age

Deliveroo and Foodora accused of breaching workplace laws, Hospitality Magazine


7-Eleven protest hits Melbourne CBD store, The Age


Students Ctrl+Alt+Del Wikipedia's gender bias with entries for Aussie women, Pedestrian.TV


Unions launch Young Workers Centre 'to empower' youth against exploitation, The Guardian

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