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A short-term strategy for a long-term issue, where is the support for apprentices?

The Federal Budget’s plan to subsidise the wages of apprentices and trainees over the next 12 months will no doubt provide ample hi-vis photo opportunities for Government Ministers. But it’s a short-term strategy to a problem that requires long-term action, and it doesn’t solve the issues that apprentices have faced from dodgy employers long before the pandemic.

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Is Your Employer Breaking the Law? Wage Theft is a Crime in Victoria

Last night the Victorian Parliament passed the Wage Theft Bill, which will come into force on 1 July 2021. Young workers, union members and activists have campaigned hard for years to stop dodgy bosses stealing wages. Bosses found guilty of the crime of wage theft can now face hefty fines and jail time. 

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Essential Workers and Occupational Violence

I know, it seems obvious. But it seems with the panic people need to be reminded that *everyone* is under a great deal of pressure. And no one deserves to be disrespected, threatened or abused at work.

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YWC on Triple J Hack: Can you afford coronavirus?

At the moment the news is dominated by discussion around COVID-19 and how it will impact our communities, our health and our work.

Our Director, Felicity Sowerbutts, spoke to Triple J Hack this week about your rights at work should you have to take an extended period of time off work. Here’s what she had to say:

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What You Need to Know About Your Pay on July 1

As young people, we’re often busy with work, study, socialising and getting things done. Sometimes, checking that you’re receiving the correct pay and entitlements can just fall off the priority list.

As July 1 approaches though, it's important that you know exactly what you’re entitled to as awards shift.

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Pareen: 7 Things To Know About Your Rights at Work

My name's Pareen. I learned about my rights at work pretty recently, after I'd been working in a few hospo and retail jobs for a while. Here are my top tips for protecting your rights at work - including getting paid properly.

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Campaign Kick Off

The federal election is coming up really fast. There are a range of issues that affect young workers, that they feel passionate about. It can feel like there’s so much going on that it’s overwhelming!

That’s why we’re getting together on March 6 at the Workers Club in Fitzroy to decide on the issues and campaigns that we want the Young Workers Centre to focus on in the lead-up to the election.

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Cash in hand - out of hand

It’s that most dreaded of phrases at work ‘we only pay in cash, that way you don’t have to pay tax!’

Upon hearing this, it’s time for you to turn tail and bail out of there, and report them to the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Australian Tax Office for good measure.

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Naughty or nice?

Find out which list your favourite venues made this year!

Exploitative bosses have been in abundance this year, but the great thing is that they can no longer hide! Our activists have been calling out dodgy bosses all year – here’s a roundup of our Wage Theft Naughty or Nice List for 2018.

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Retail workers are human beings- be nice at Christmas time!

It’s the festive season, and it can be easy to get a little hot under the collar. You’ve got Christmas carols in your head, you’re stuck on gift ideas and the queues at the shops are ridiculous. But hold up, don’t take that anger out when you get to the counter.

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We Volunteers

Ever wanted to change the world?

We want Victoria to be a state where young people feel safe and respected at work - it's only by standing together that we can make that happen.

Volunteers are a crucial part of the Young Workers community. Sign up below and get involved today!

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