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Here are some recent articles from our team.

Wins For Young Workers: Clancy's Story

Have you ever wondered what happens after you pick up the phone and call a Young Workers Advocate? 

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5 Most Common School Visit Questions

I’m an Outreach Organiser. I spend a lot of my week out on the road visiting high schools, TAFEs, and youth groups letting young people know about their rights at work.

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Tea, Meetings, and Donuts: Work Experience at the Young Workers Centre

When I arrived at the Young Workers Centre I was quickly thrown into a meeting which was actually very useful. 

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Know Your Rights: Sick Leave

Feeling terrible? Turned into a snot monster - or maybe your tonsils are so inflamed that you can hardly swallow? Don't even try to drag your sick self in to work. Times like this is why we have sick leave as one of our basic workplace rights. 

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Know Your Rights: Overtime Pay

When I started working, ‘overtime’ was one of those words that I heard people talk about, but wasn’t really sure exactly what it meant.  I remember there being something in a Jimmy Barnes song my Mum used to listen to that said it was something you saved up, but beyond that I wasn’t too sure. 


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Know Your Rights: Tattoos

Many young workers are finding that tattoos are putting them at risk of losing their jobs or missing out job opportunities. The question we want answered is: is this even legal?  

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What does the Federal budget mean for young workers?

Want to know what the fuss is all about? We’ve got the headlines for you.

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We Read "The New Basics" Report So You Don't Have To

What big data says about the skills young people need for the ‘jobs of tomorrow’

Last week the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) released another report in their New Work Order series entitled ‘The New Basics: Big Data reveals the skills young people need for the New Work Order’.

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Who made your clothes?

If you’re an Instagram or Facebook addict, your stream for the past week might have been filled with photos like this:

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4 Quick Tips for Dealing with Unemployment

Being unemployed sucks.  You’re constantly writing applications, it’s super stressful, and you never have enough money to do the stuff your friends are doing.  It makes you feel isolated, and puts you at a higher risk for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  

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