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Young Workers Centre YWC

Can YWC help me? 

We are an accredited community legal centre. We provide legal advice and assistance to workers aged 30 and under who work in Victoria.  

Unfortunately, this means we cannot help you if you are aged over 30, or if the work you are calling about took place outside of Victoria.  


What kind of help can you provide?  

Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide you with general advice, refer you to another organisation, or provide you with ongoing legal assistance.

You can find some examples of the assistance we provide here.


Can I speak to a lawyer right away? 

All our intake calls are completed by volunteer law students. Our advocates cannot give you on-the-spot legal advice.  

Your information will then be passed on to the lawyers, who will work out how best to assist you. The lawyer responsible for your case will then get in contact with you.  


Does this cost anything?  

No. YWC’s services are completely free.  


Do I have to speak with you over the phone?  

Our physical office is not set up for face-to-face interviews.  

We can arrange translation and interpretation services ahead of time. Please let us know in your enquiry if you will need a translator.  

Please let us know if speaking over the phone is not accessible for you. We may be able to make alternative arrangements, for example a Zoom meeting. 


Can I volunteer in the legal centre?

We do not currently have capacity to host volunteer lawyers or PLT students.  

For LLB/JD law students interested in volunteering at YWC, please see our Advocate Program.

To volunteer on Young Workers Centre campaigns or hear about events we have coming up sign up here.