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Young Workers Centre YWC
Apprentice Voice

We've just launched Apprentice Voice!

Victorian apprenticeship completion rates are low, around 53%. Apprentices report that it’s issues at work that lead them to leave their apprenticeship.  

In 2022, 70% of Young Workers Centre legal clients were apprentices experiencing issues at work like:

  • wage theft
  • bullying
  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • unsafe working conditions.

These statistics need to change. Apprentices deserve to start their working lives safe and respected at work.  

Apprentice Voice is an initiative from the Young Workers Centre that delivers workplace rights training for apprentices in TAFEs across Victoria - campaigning for a safer and fairer Victoria for all apprentices.

The website complements the training that apprentices are receiving in TAFEs and is an additional resource to educate and empower apprentices.