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Young Workers Centre YWC
Other legal resources

Help and legal resources 

We are a small community legal centre with limited resources. Other organisations may also be able to assist you:  


Your union – your best protection against exploitation 

Unions are best-placed to support you in your workplace. There is a union for every worker in Australia. If you aren’t sure what union covers you, you can fill in this form:  

We are also happy to put you in touch with your relevant union.  


Other organisations 

Jobwatch (nationwide):  

Victoria Legal Aid (Victoria only):  

Youth Law (nationwide, for non-employment related inquiries):  


Termination of employment:  

Fair Work Commission – unfair dismissals benchbook:  

Fair Work Commission – general protections benchbook: 


Wage theft 

Fair Work Ombudsman:  

Fair Work Ombudsman’s Pay and Conditions Tool:  

Wage Inspectorate Victoria:  


Harassment and discrimination 

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission:  

CASA House (sexual harassment and assault):