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The best way to prevent your rights being exploited at work is to join a union. Together with your workmates, you can learn your workplace rights and identify when someone is trying to rip you off! We've created a series of printable fact sheets that you can refer to when something doesn't seem right or pass around when someone else needs help.

But remember, these information sheets aren't exhaustive- they're just a guide. For more information or information for your specific situation, contact the Young Workers Centre.

Fact Sheets

National Employment Standards



Call Centres


Fast Food


For information in languages other than English, click here.

Health & Safety Postcards

Bullying doesn't just happen at work

You don't have to do unsafe work

You must be given the training you need to do your job safely

Your boss can't force you to come into work if you are sick

You don't have to sign a contract on the spot

We Volunteers

Ever wanted to change the world?

We want Victoria to be a state where young people feel safe and respected at work - it's only by standing together that we can make that happen.

Volunteers are a crucial part of the Young Workers community. Sign up below and get involved today!

(Or to find out more about doing a placement as an advocate, click here!)