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Health & Safety
It might be called “workplace bullying” – but it doesn’t end at the workplace. Whether you’re bullied by a customer or co-worker, your boss has a legal duty to provide a safe workplace – that includes making sure that bullying isn’t happening inside or outside of the workplace.
You don't EVER have to do unsafe work. By law, no one can force you to do work that isn’t safe. Your boss must take all reasonable steps to make sure your workplace is safe for you and your co-workers.
You must be given the training you need to do your job safely. No one knows everything straight away! Starting in a new workplace or starting a new job is an exciting experience - but it can be dangerous, too. Workplaces are full of health and safety hazards. Your boss must provide you with the training you need to do your job safely.
Your boss can't force you to come into work if you are sick. It’s not up to your boss to decide whether you’re well enough to work or not! Your boss has a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace. Forcing someone to come to work when they are sick puts everyone at risk.