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Young Workers Centre YWC
Bullying doesn't only happen in the workplace

Workplace bulling doesn't just happen at work.

It might be called “workplace bullying” – but it doesn’t end at the workplace.

Workplace bullying can include:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Bullying via text message or phone call
  • Bullying and harassment on social media
  • Being excluded from social events

Whether you’re being bullied by a customer or co-worker, your boss has a legal duty to provide a safe workplace – that includes making sure that bullying isn’t happening inside or outside of the workplace.

You can:

  • Keep a diary recording the time and location of any incidents, who was involved, and any witnesses
  • Speak to someone you trust, such as your workplace Health & Safety representative, or a parent or friend
  • Contact the Young Workers Centre on 1800 714 754 or [email protected]