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Young Workers Centre YWC
Safety requires proper training

You must be given the training you need to do your job safely.

No one knows everything straight away! Starting in a new workplace or starting a new job is an exciting experience - but it can be dangerous, too. Workplaces are full of health and safety hazards. Your boss must provide you with the training you need to do your job safely.

Training should include:

  • Showing you how to use any personal protective equipment
  • Demonstrating and helping you perform tasks safely
  • Helping you understand and adhere to safety procedures

You can’t do your job properly and safely if you haven’t received the necessary training.

You can:

  • Ask as many questions as you need to until you feel confident to do your job safely
  • Speak to your workplace Health & Safety representative
  • Contact the Young Workers Centre on 1800 714 754