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Should I care about my missing super?

There’s more to your pay than just your payslip.


Do you check your payslip every week? Working different hours each week (like lots of young workers do) means not always knowing what the number is going to be on your payslip.

But do you ever look at the other figures on your payslip?


Under your pay, under your tax – there it is. Super!

What IS Super? Check out part 1 of our Super series here! 

What’s the point?



So, ok it matters a lot. Basically it has recently come out that employers have failed to pay at least 3.6 billion in super contributions over the period of one year from 2013-14. Even more (800 million dollars more) in missing super for workers being paid cash in hand.

Young workers are the most affected and the most likely to miss out on superannuation out of any other age bracket.

The reason: we are more likely to be in insecure work or in fields such as hospitality or construction.

Not being paid super should be treated akin to not being paid wages. It is unacceptable. In one year from employers not complying with the super guarantee you could be missing $1,489 or almost 4 months of missing super!!!

Yes Kim, really.

What will it mean for me?

We as a generation are also living longer and will be increasingly more reliant on our super with access to government pensions shrinking and we know from the smashed avo debacle our ability to buy a home is in decline.

For young women it is even more important. Because of the pay gap in Australia the estimated balance by Industry super Australia at retirement for men is $150k and for women only $80k

We know from the reports released today that the ATO are only collecting about half of the super guarantee non-payment it identifies.

If you are worried you might be being ripped off call your fund or the ATO. You cannot rely on your payslip to know if you are correctly being paid super.

It’s your cash dollars. It is SUPER important.