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It's a closedown period and I need help!

It's a closedown period and I need help!

The Young Workers Centre will be closed for the summer break from Friday 20 December 2019 until Monday 13 January 2020.

The team will respond to your message as soon as possible, but if you need urgent assistance, please contact:

Australian Unions
[email protected]

1300 486 466

Fair Work Ombudsman

13 13 94 


(03) 9641 1444


(03) 9662 1933

If you suspect that you have been wrongfully dismissed: you must lodge a claim with the Fair Work Commission within 21 days of your last day of work. We urge you to immediately contact one of the organisations listed above in order to obtain assistance with this process. Further information on dismissals is also available via the Fair Work Ombudsman.


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We want Victoria to be a state where young people feel safe and respected at work - it's only by standing together that we can make that happen.

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