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Campaign Kick Off

The federal election is coming up really fast. There are a range of issues that affect young workers, that they feel passionate about. It can feel like there’s so much going on that it’s overwhelming!

That’s why we’re getting together on March 6 at the Workers Club in Fitzroy to decide on the issues and campaigns that we want the Young Workers Centre to focus on in the lead-up to the election.

Campaign Kick Off

To get your brain juices working, I’ve thought of some issues that our activists have been passionate about:

  • Climate change is obviously a big one. And one that young people (sometimes even younger than us!) are leading the charge on. Inaction on climate change will be dire for ourselves and future generations.
  • Newstart – it’s difficult for young people to get by on Centrelink payments, and this is not helped by punitive programs such as Work for the Dole and the Community Development Program.
  • Penalty rates we all know that young workers often have to work unsociable hours like weekends and public holidays. The gutting of weekend penalty rates that happened in July 2017 was devastating to those who rely on this pay.
  • Secure jobs - casualisation disproportionately affects young workers. While some of us like the idea of flexible work, we end up losing out on important paid leave entitlements and the lack of guaranteed hours can make it hard to pay the rent.

So be there on Wednesday to have your say and help us develop our plan! And let’s change the rules for young workers.

Wednesday March 6, 6-8pm
The Workers Club – 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

We strive to run inclusive and accessible events. Please contact Dylan Goldsworthy on 0422 124 093 to discuss any necessary accessibility requirements.


Special thanks to our sponsors Slater and Gordon.
This event is in partnership with We Are Union.