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Justice for Tina 為TINA討回公道

Justice for Tina 為TINA討回公道

For 10 months, Tina worked as a waitress at Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard. She worked late nights, weekends, and public holidays - all for a flat rate of between $12 and $14 an hour.

Tina在小街蘇面館擔任了10個月的女服務員工作。 她的上班時間大都安排在大晚班、週末以及公眾假期,她的老闆卻只支付澳幣12-14塊的時薪!

After she was sacked for taking leave to visit her family, Tina visited Fair Work and worked out that she was owed over $20,000 in stolen wages from Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard - but Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard is only offering to repay Tina a tiny fraction of what they've stolen from her.


This isn't good enough. Join us outside Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to demand justice for Tina!




March 17, 2017 at 1:00pm - 2pm
Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard 小街蘇面館
Rose Steele ·
Nicole Fedyszyn Elvis Martin Vivian Phan

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