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4 Quick Tips for Dealing with Unemployment

Being unemployed sucks.  You’re constantly writing applications, it’s super stressful, and you never have enough money to do the stuff your friends are doing.  It makes you feel isolated, and puts you at a higher risk for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  

The irony is that you aren’t alone.  In the past year, Australia’s youth unemployment rate has hovered between 12-14%, which means that around 300,000 people under the age of 24 are looking for work.  Jobs are getting harder and harder to find, especially entry-level opportunities with job security, career development opportunities and decent wages. 


In other words, getting your first full time job is getting harder and harder.  Young people need a hand up in the labour market, and we at the Young Workers Centre have got your back.

 Dealing with unemployment

1)      Do something you love to develop your skills.  Start working on a Facebook group around an issue or common interest, take an online course through coursera,* or write some op-eds and try to get them published.

 2)      Stay active! Go for a run or play some footy in the park with friends on the weekend, it helps combat the risk of mental health and helps keep you connected to important safety networks.

 3)      Back yourself.  FIGJAM.  You got this! It can get really demoralising when you’re going in for the 14th interview in 6 months, but you’ve got to remember that you’re not the reason there is a youth unemployment crisis - just ask law students. There are systemic and structural risks that young people have had shifted onto them, and plenty of highly qualified people are struggling to find work. 

 4)      The best thing to do is to be part of a community, and we at the Young Workers Centre have got plenty of campaigns, training and social networking opportunities for you to get involved with.  Join today!


* It’s important to note that academics who run these courses often don’t get paid when they re-run these courses, so this is a qualified recommendation.