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Young Workers Centre YWC
Penalty Rates: Phase Two

June 22, 2017 7pm - 8pm

Penalty Rates: Phase Two

gif6.jpgOur pay and conditions are under attack - now it's time to step up and escalate

Weekend workers don't deserve this pay cut - so join us from 7:00pm @ Trades Hall as we plan our campaign to fight back!

Last time was an amazing night! Imagine a room of almost 100 people meeting young workers like them, coming together from all industries to devise a strategy on stopping wage cuts to young people. 

We share stories, share food and drinks, and bring together our diverse experiences to each as many young people as possible. Join us!

PS - This event is for people aged 30 and under. Over 30? Want to get involved in the campaign to stop cuts to our wages? Check out

The Young Workers Centre strives to run inclusive and accessible events. Please contact Nadia Montague at [email protected] to discuss any necessary accessibility requirements.

Trades Hall
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