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COVID-19: Your Rights As a Casual

COVID-19: Your Rights As a Casual

Q. What rights do I have as a casual?

A. If you are a genuine casual you are not entitled to any form of paid leave, like sick leave or annual leave.

You need to speak to your boss and request that they extend sick leave to their casuals. Some businesses (big and small) have done this – places like Woolworths and the Victorian Government have already committed to doing so.

The other option is that the Government extends paid leave to casuals but that isn’t just going to happen, we need to pressure the Government to do so – we need to share our stories loud and clear and sign the petition.

If you have been employed as a casual for 1 year + and have a regular roster or ongoing shifts you were probably never a genuine casual and are should be entitled to the National Employment Standards which includes sick leave.

Again you need to speak to your boss and request that they move you onto a permanent contract.

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