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Grill'd Meeting

Grill'd Meeting

We have momentum -

We have spoken to so many of you about the treatment of young workers at Grill'd.

This campaign began initially to expose and discuss traineeships. But from the calls and conversations we have had with each of you - we know that the problems don't end there. Many of you spoke to us about issues in your store that concerned you. And we are concerned to - so what are the next steps? 

  • Stop using traineeships as an excuse to commit wage theft against young workers.
  • Safer work spaces - getting above standard occupational health and safety.
  • Building solidarity and power within Grill'd stores.

WHERE: Victorian Trades Hall Lygon Street Entrance

WHEN: Thursday 15th December 10am

RSVP: for food requirements.

December 15, 2016 at 10:00am - 11am
Victorian Trades Hall
Nadia Montague · · 0434912556
Angus Hall Mitch Both Yehudi Saling Tido Cleary Joel James

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We Volunteers

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We want Victoria to be a state where young people feel safe and respected at work - it's only by standing together that we can make that happen.

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