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Young Workers Centre YWC
Log of Claims- Brainstorm Meeting!

October 01, 2020 2pm - 4pm

Log of Claims- Brainstorm Meeting!

The Covid-19 public health crisis and its impacts have made life even harder for young workers.

We must build a future that means a generation is not left behind. This means rebuilding our workplaces and communities to be stronger and better than they were before the pandemic. All young workers across Victoria - including, women workers, migrant workers and First Nations people - must get a fair go.

Recently young Victorian workers compiled a log of claims that outlines what young workers in Victoria will campaign and organise for to build a better future.

Now we're taking action to make sure our dreams become a reality! Join us to plan the next stages of the campaign. We'll be setting up working groups and training up our communities to fight for the changes young people need. Young peoples' voices need to be heard and be part of the decision making process. Young people need to be at the table. Nothing about us without us.


When: Thursday 1st October, 2:00pm

Where: Via Zoom, RSVP now to get the link! 

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