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Young Workers Centre YWC
Wage Theft: Situation Room

March 06, 2018 6pm - 8pm

Wage Theft: Situation Room

We've got a bit of a situation on our hands.

Wage theft is endemic. Young workers are losing out on their penalty rates, overtime pay, superannuation - hell, there's thousands of young people who aren't even being paid the minimum wage thanks to greedy bosses.

And the worst part? Even when a boss does get caught out for wage theft, all they get is a slap on the wrist - pay back the money, maybe a fine. They're free, even repeat offenders, to do it again and again and again.

If a worker was caught stealing money from the til, they'd be sacked and face criminal action. It's not right that there's one rule for them and another rule for us.

Join us to plan the campaign as we fight to follow in the footsteps of South Australia, Tasmania, and New South Wales and get criminalising wage theft on the agenda for this state election.

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Dylan Goldsworthy
[email protected]