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Worker Win: Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard

Worker Win: Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard

Tina came to Australia as part of a working holiday. During her 10 months at Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard, Tina worked late nights, weekends, and public holidays. She trusted her boss was being honest with her when she was dealing with an unfamiliar workplace in a language she was still learning.

Instead, her boss took advantage of her. He lied about paying tax and super. He paid her a flat rate of between $12 and $14 per hour - and when she tried to take 10 days leave to visit her family at home in Taiwan, he sacked her.

Tina went through Fair Work's mediation process - but Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard was only willing to pay back $3000, not even a quarter of what they owed Tina! This was unfair, and Tina and the Centre refused to accept this.

That's when Tina went to the Federal Court - and the judge issued an order for Shanghai Street Noodle Wizard to pay her the full $20,000 she was owed within 21 days. An incredible result by standing firm!


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