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Young Workers Centre YWC
Worker Win: Electrical Apprentice

Electrical apprentice reclaims $16k in stolen wages with assistance from the Young Workers Centre

Australian apprenticeships are rife with exploitation, and young workers are particularly vulnerable to wage theft and unsafe conditions. 

Recently, the Young Workers Centre was called in to assist a young electrical apprentice, Gabe*, who was owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages and superannuation. Gabe had also experienced frequent racial abuse from his employer. 

With the support of the Young Workers Centre, Gabe successfully settled the dispute with his former employer, winning over $16,000 in stolen wages and superannuation. 

With the money hitting Gabe's account this week, he is in a much better position to continue his apprenticeship & career, in a workplace where he can feel safe and supported.   

In a similar incident last week, a builder's labourer working near Bendigo was able to reclaim $9,000 in unpaid wages after his employer dodged his calls and blocked his number. Congratulations to both workers and to the young legal guns in the Young Workers Centre, building up young workers' knowledge and taking down bad bosses.