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Young Workers Centre YWC
Herstory Hackathon

March 10, 2016 1pm - 3:15pm

Herstory Hackathon



The Young Workers Centre has partnered with Northcote High School to run ‘Herstory Hackathon’ for International Women’s Day 2016.

What is the Herstory Hackathon?

Women have been active in advancing our rights at work and in society, from the suffragettes who won the right to vote, through to the ongoing fight for equal pay.  So who are these woman?  Unfortunately the bulk of history has traditionally been written by men, so it includes lots of stories about…men.  This is the case even today – despite women making up just under half of Wikipedia readership, they account for only 13% of Wikipedia editors.

The Herstory Hackathon gives us a chance to recognise Australian women who have been active in advancing women’s rights at work.

Students will research women who have been active in the past, or who are active right now, and are missing from Wikipedia.  Next, students will be trained in how to update Wikipedia and together we’ll make sure these women are not forgotten. 

Herstory Hackathon is part of the Women’s Rights at Work Festival 2016. Check out the full festival schedule here 

Interested in partnering with the Young Workers Centre to hold a similar event? Get in touch here

Northcote High School