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Young Workers Centre YWC
  • An internship is a short term placement for educational purposes
  • An unpaid internship can only be undertaken if you are receiving course credit (towards a degree, diploma, certificate or other qualification)
  • An intern should not be completing the same work as paid employees of the business or company.
  • Interns are not free labour. We cannot stress that enough. If you are doing the same work as an employee (or the work a paid employee should be doing), your host business or organisation may be ripping you off.

Are you an intern? Or just not getting paid?



Unpaid employee

  • Primary goal is for an educational experience: you could be observing how a business works or being taught a skill
  • Free to nominate own hours
  • Short term
  • The intern gets the most benefit from the arrangement



  • Completes productive work
  • Required to work set, consistent hours
  • Completes work that is crucial to the business, such as fulfilling client orders
  • Long term
  • Business gets the most benefit from the arrangement

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The law surrounding internships can be confusing. It is important to call the Young Workers Centre in order to get advice specific to your situation before you do anything!