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Young Workers Centre YWC
How To Recover Your Stolen Wages

December 08, 2020 3:30pm - 4:30pm

How To Recover Your Stolen Wages

As part of Victorian Youth Week, the Young Workers Centre is running a How to Recover Your Stolen Wages information session.

Join other young workers on Zoom on Tuesday 8 December and hear from the Young Workers Centre's Principal Solicitor, Oanh Tran and Organiser, James Lea. James and his co-workers had 10s of 1000's of dollars stolen from them in wages but together, they successfully stood up to their boss and won back their wages!

No matter how big or small the wage theft is we'll give you practical steps to recover your stolen wages and empower you to stand up to dodgy bosses!

The 1 hour Zoom session will include:

  • What wage theft includes
  • How to calculate what your boss owes you
  • How to approach your boss about wage theft
  • What responses from your boss are not okay
  • What next steps to take if your boss is uncooperative


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James Lea
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