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Info for Retail workers

Info for Retail workers

  • $21.78 per hour is the minimum wage for retail workers
  • You should be paid penalty rates for early morning, night, weekend and public holiday work
  • If you have to wear a uniform, your boss should pay for it
  • You’re entitled to a break every four hours – but it’s unpaid :(
  • You also get these basic workplace rights, like all workers.

Not what you were expecting? Give us a call BEFORE you do anything hasty! We can give you advice specific to your situation.


Pay chart

If you are under the age of 20, you may be paid according to the junior pay rates scale. Contact the Young Workers Centre for advice.


Full Time (weekly)

Full Time and Part Time (hourly)

Casual (hourly)

Retail Employee Level 1




Retail Employee Level 2




Retail Employee Level 3




Retail Employee Level 4




Retail Employee Level 5




Retail Employee Level 6




Retail Employee Level 7




Retail Employee Level 8




Information is current from 1 Feb 2021

This is general information only and may not be relevant to your specific situation. Call the Young Workers Centre to get advice specific to your situation.


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