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Wins For Young Workers: Clancy's Story

Have you ever wondered what happens after you pick up the phone and call a Young Workers Advocate? 

Clancy was working as a photographer when she saw one of the Young Workers Centre posters around Melbourne. She knew that something wasn’t right with her pay after checking her Award – so she decided to give us a call.

What kind of assistance did you receive from the Young Workers Centre?

“They [Young Workers Advocates] gave me really friendly, helpful information which helped me to make informed decisions about my workplace and employer without pressure. They also provided me with moral support that gave me the confidence to approach my employer.”                                                                        

What was the outcome of your issue? Has it been resolved?

“I raised concerns with the national manager about some of my colleagues being paid under an incorrect grade in the award and he responded by immediately flying down from Sydney to discuss it with me. 

He was really open to hearing my side of the story and stressed that because he was so far above us in the company he hadn’t been aware of this as an issue and really appreciated being kept informed. 

Ultimately he agreed to re-classify all employees at this level to the higher pay grade and give full back pay where appropriate. He also undertook to do a review of another position at my workplace to make sure other workers were being paid on the correct rate as well.” 


How likely are you to recommend the Young Workers Centre?

“I would definitely recommend the YWC to friends. It never hurts to be informed about your rights and their discretion means all workers can feel comfortable approaching them with any queries they might have.”