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Young Workers Centre YWC
Worker Win: Florist

17 year old worker and florist Gabrielle* had her bullying & wage theft claim win her back over $20,000 *name changed

We managed to help win back over $20,000 for young worker Gabrielle, after she suffered significant wage theft and awful workplace conditions where bullying and harassment was rife and even included assault when a pair of secateurs were thrown at her head.

Workplace issues:

  • Long hours of work – early starts and late nights 
  • Regular weekend work without penalty rates (weddings in particular) 
  • Paid flat rate (i.e. no penalties) 
  • Poor record keeping; handwritten and incomplete pay records 
  • Bullying and harassment: belittling, yelling
  • Assault 

YWC Legal support:

The legal team supported Gabrielle as a long-running matter as the employer was uncooperative and the lack of records made it difficult for us to quantify Gabrielle's claim. Through reconstructing hours of work from client’s diaries and social media accounts (where she took and posted photos of work done), we were able to get evidence for her claim and resolve her matter for a payment of around $20,000!