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COVID-19: Health and Safety

Q. What responsibility does my employer have to keep me safe at work?

A. The most basic health and safety law is that your employer must take every step they reasonably can to control or eliminate risks to your health and safety at work.

In light of COVID-19 every employer must identify the risks and these risks will differ depending on your workplace.

Once the employer has identified the risks they need to take steps that are reasonably practical to control it. They must put measures in place.

They need to come up with a plan based on expert advice and you, your health and safety representatives and your union have a right to be consulted.

If there is no health and safety plan yet

You need to speak to your boss and tell them you have health and safety rights. Tell them that reasonable measures need to be put in place, things like, having hand sanitiser available, gloves available or desks spread out.