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COVID-19: A last minute meeting

Q: My boss is trying to change my hours, and they’ve called a meeting for this afternoon, where they say we have to agree.  Can I stop it?

A: If your boss is implementing a change that affects your rostered hours of work, they must consult with you.  Consultation means that you and your representatives are given information, you have an opportunity to respond about how the change will affect you, including how it might affect your family responsibilities.  Your employer must take your response into consideration.

If you’re called into meetings, you are entitled to have a support person present.  This is a person of your choosing (for instance, a union delegate or a friend) - not HR or a member of management. Your employer cannot impose a support person on you.

We suggest that you join your union, and get all your workmates to join your union, because it's harder for them to ignore the whole workforce rather than just 1 person.